Contact Centres Asia 2014

24 - 27 March, 2014

Prince Hotel & Residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Driving the Next Generation of Contact Centres through Integrated Social Media, Revolutionary Technology and Top Class Asian Talent


We are one month away from the the 5th Annual Contact Centres Asia. This year summit will help you redefining customer experience, manage and retain the best talent, utilise social media, cut cost per contact and get to grips with the latest technological innovations revolutionising Asian contact centres. In short, you will learn how to make your contact centres more profitable!

To date, 50 contact centres professionals have already confirmed their attendance at the event, and more are coming in!

2014 Contact Centres Asia Attendees Snapshot

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  • Amazing Networking Opportunity: Not only packed with interactive sessions to get you chatting, this year’s event will also include a cocktail reception, providing you with the best networking opportunity under one roof!
  • 3 Unmissable Workshops: Take your contact centre to the next level with 3 workshops designed to give you with a blueprint to improve your business.
  • Round Table Turnarounds: Pick your top 3 challenges and discuss them with your peers under the guidance of an expert moderator; networking and knowledge in one place!
  • Technological Transformation: Learn everything you need to know about the latest technological revolutions: cloud, social media, CRM, it’s all here!
  • Site Tour: Take a sneak peek around the ‘Best Contact Centre in Malaysia’. Steal tips and ideas to take your business to the next level!

“The event has been very valuable as a lot of ideas and best practices were sought from the speakers as well as participants. Great conference. Will attend next time too!” DHIRAAGU
“Overall presentation was fantastic and the tips I have picked up from the different speakers will definitely benefit me in my work!” CANON
“The topics and speakers invited are all very good. A lot of new ideas, practices and measures will definitely help improve our Contact Centre’s customer service delivery and performance” MERALCO
“Absolutely valuable sharing by leaders of contact centres all around the world. We can use each other’s ideas to move our industry up!” OCBC
“This summit has definitely taught me things to make my everyday job better!” SHELL
“Good exposure, information and experience at the highest level!” MAYBANK
“I had a great time! The conference was very informative!” ING

Resource Centre

  • 5 Ways to Create an Award-Winning, Business-Building Contact Centre5 Ways to Create an Award-Winning, Business-Building Contact Centre

    As the contact centre industry continues to develop, the competition among the many different players in this sector intensifies. Customers and end-users are getting more demanding in the choice of service provider (contact centre) that they pick. Here are the Top 5 signs that you have an award-winning, business-building, contact centre that will boom. If you’re doing quite the opposite, be careful as it’s probably headed for a bust.
  • Gen Y: Talking ‘bout our Generation [VIDEO]Gen Y: Talking ‘bout our Generation [VIDEO]

    We all know that talent is one of the most pressing issues facing not just our region but our industry in particular. By 2020, Asia will have added another 220 million people. So what can you do to entice and retain the next generation of SSO leaders? In this unique session, we hear from a group of University students and Gen Y professionals about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to engaging (and retaining!) the next generation of business transformation talent.